Rev'd Dr Mike Bossingham

Full name: Michael Edward Bossingham

Birth place and date: Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK. 14th January 1953

Parents: Albert Edward (Ted) Bossingham and Edith May Wardley

Married: Rosemary Ann Goodwin, 5th April 1980.

Children: Ralph Edward Bossingham, Sally Estelle Bossingham

Email Address:

Although born in Derbyshire the family soon moved and I grew up in West Cornwall attending Redruth County Grammar School (1964-1971). I read Computer Science at Hatfield Polytechnic (1971-75) (now the University of Hertfordshire) and worked in Computer Aided Design for some 15 years.

For a number of years I ran my own software company, Pilgrim Computing Ltd. supplying CAD software to engineering companies. I am a member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer.

I was called into the Methodist Ministry, so in 1990 I read a Theology Degree at Birmingham University and then completed a Doctorate there in 1999.

I have served the Methodist Church in Maidenhead (1993-99), King's Lynn (1999-2004) and Cambridge (2004-2006).

I now run a charity, The Family Friendly Churches Trust, which helps churches improve their appeal to children, young people and families.

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