Descendents of Thomas Bossingham - Born 1840
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I have now added a whole lot of photos of people from my father's collection. You can see more information and photos of people by clicking on their names in the 1st or 3rd columns. There are a few photos where he was not sure who the people are, so it would be ever so helpful if you took a look and see if you recognise anyone in the photos.

Name Parents Married To Children
Thomas Bossingham
b 27th February 1840
@ Dogsthorpe, Northamptonshire
d 28th October 1917
Oliver and Sarah Bossingham Betsy Marsh
21st May 1886
@ N. Muskham, Notts
b 1843/4
@ N. Muskham
d 1917/26
@ Southwell, Notts
John William
Mary Ann b 1870
Sarah Ellen
Rachel Elizabeth b 1874 d 1956
George Henry
Herbert b 1881 d 1887
John William Bossingham
b 31st August 1867@ Sutton on Trent
d 1942 @ Bradwell, Derbyshire
Thomas and Betsy Bossingham Mary Whitworth
24th July 1893
@ Sheffield
b 1870 @ Laxton
d 1946
dau of Thomas Whitworth, a tailor
Sarah Ellen
Albert Edgar
Thomas Edward
Edith Annie
Sarah Ellen Bossingham
b 10th September 1874
d 1936 @ Weston on Trent
Thomas and Betsy Bossingham Joseph Oldham
NB Joseph is the father of
Lillian Oldham
George Henry Bossingham
b 12th June 1877 @ Weston
d 24th October 1955
Thomas and Betsy Bossingham Ruth Hawkesworth
12th September 1931
d 4th February 1971
Hannah Bossingham
b 1884
d 10th January 1952
Thomas and Betsy Bossingham    
Sarah Ellen Bossingham
b September 11th 1895 @ Brightside, Sheffield
d 20th February 1957
John and Mary Bossingham Arthur Thomas Parsons
22nd July 1914
@ Bradwell, Derbyshire
b 1896 d 1940
Hilda Joyce
Albert Edgar Bossingham
b 4th July 1897
d 18th April 1982
John and Mary Bossingham Lillian Oldham
6th October 1919
@ Bradwell Church
b 5th July1893
d 1966
John William
Mary Elizabeth
Albert Edward
Winifred May
Thomas Edward Bossingham
b 1901
d 1989
John and Mary Bossingham Sarah Ellen Boylan
5th June 1926
Peter Allan
Kathleen Dorothy
Edith Annie Bossingham
b 6th January 1905
d 1989 @ Bradwell
John and Mary Bossingham Sydney Amos Frisby
5th February 1927 @ Bradwell
b 24th December 1898
d 19th January 1986
Norman Sydney
Hilda Joyce Parsons
b 24th April 1921 @ Tuxford
d 19th December 2006 @ Wisbech
Sarah and Arthur Parsons John Robert Blackmur Roe
27th April 1946 @ March
Lesley Ann
John William Bossingham (Jack)
b 24th March 1920
Albert and Lillian Bossingham Joan Dawson
b 1st October 1923
David John
Susan Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Bossingham
Albert and Lillian Bossingham George Hadfield Arthur George
Dorothy Ann
Albert Edward Bossingham (Ted)
b 13th February 1926
Albert and Lillian Bossingham Edith May Wardley
23rd February 1952
@Shirebrook, Derbyshire
b 6th September 1925
Michael Edward
Janet Margaret
Elizabeth May
Winifred May Bossingham
b 1928
Albert and Lillian Bossingham Eric Starling Hilary Anne
Roger Alan
Peter Allan Bossingham
b 7th August 1930
Thomas and Sarah Bossingham Betty Reeves
27 March 1954
b 17th June 1929
Kathleen Dorothy Bossingham
8th June 1934
Thomas and Sarah Bossingham Roy Walker (Dissolved) Keith
Norman Sydney Frisby
b 9th January 1928
Edith and Sydney Frisby Iris Atkinson
b 4th August 1927
Lesley Ann Roe
b 29th March 1950 @ Wisbech
Hilda Joyce and John Roe Richard Graham Jones
11th August 1973 @ St Peter's Wisbech
David John Bossingham Jack and Joan Bossingham Elizabeth Ann Pyne
@ Wetherby
Kimberley b 22nd November 1985
Susan Elizabeth Bossingham
b 21st December 1950
Jack and Joan Bossingham Bob Nesbit Mark
Stuart b 23rd October 1973
Arthur George Hadfield
b 22nd May 1950
Mary and George Hadfield Ann Booler
b 23rd June 1953
Victoria b 23rd October 1977
Matthew b 30th January 1982
Andrew b 11th September 1984
Robert b 17th January 1991
Dorothy Ann Hadfield
b 1953
Mary and George Hadfield Andrew Norbury
b 18th April 1952
Sarah b 29th January 1976
Michael b 27th August 1977
Rebecca b 9th February 1984
Michael Edward Bossingham
b 14th January 1953
@ Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Ted and Edith Bossingham 1) Linda Rushby
4th July 1975 (Dissolved)
Rosemary Ann Goodwin
5th April 1980
@ Sheringham, Norfolk
b 7th July 1953
@ Ampthill, Bedfordshire
Ralph Edward b 15th November 1982
Sally Estelle b 24th September 1984
Janet Margaret Bossingham
b 18th January 1955
@ Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Ted and Edith Bossingham John Cook
b 22nd January 1955
Lynsey b 5th July 1979
Elizabeth May Bossingham
b 2nd June 1963
@ St. Day, Cornwall
Ted and Edith Bossingham Timothy Evans
b 17th July 1962
Clare b 28th April 1985
Hilary Anne Starling
b 13th April 1956
Winifred and Eric Starling John Sentance
b 23 February 1950
Amy b 16th February 1985
Joanne b 30th December 1987
Roger Alan Starling
b 1960
Winifred and Eric Starling Julie Welch
1st April 1962
Robert b 13th February 1989
Christopher b 23rd April 1992
Keith Walker
b 3rd May 1963
Kathleen and Roy Walker Jane Hemingway (partner) Leo b 5th Dec 2005
Gabriel b 5th Dec 2005
Gillian Frisby
b 2nd April 1952
Norman and Iris Frisby 1) Christopher Wingrove, 29th March 1975 @ St Margaret's Church, Whalley Range (Dissolved)
2) Brian Squire
24th November 2001 @ Durham
Richard b 30th August 1979
David 1st September 1981
Nigel Frisby
b 25th October 1954
Norman and Iris Frisby Barbara Selby, 23rd July 1977 @ St Clement's Church, Chorlton Cum Hardy
b 14th April 1976 dau of Eric and Dorothy Selby of Cholton Cum Hardy
James Alex b 19th October 1988
Elaine Frisby
b 9th May 1956
Norman and Iris Frisby Andrew Webster, 10th July 1982 @ Healy Church, Rochdale
b November 1957
Sarah b 28th December 1984
Nicola b 15th December 1987
Mark Nesbitt Bob and Susan Nesbitt Roxanne John Yate b 12th December 2001
Lydia Katy Rose b 29 February 2008