The Upwell Bossinghams

Welcome to the Bossingham web site. This site is for anyone with the surname Bossingham or who is descended from a Bossingham. It is not a common name so we are pretty exclusive bunch - and we think quite special too!

I have been building a family tree below are the results. Each change of colour is a different generation. If a name in the left hand column is a link then it will lead to more details about that person. If a date is a link then it leads to a photograph of the relevant document.

There are currently 4 charts. The Earlier Bossinghams starting from Oliver Bossingham b. 1688, the Descendants of Thomas Bossingham b. 1840 and the Descendants of John Oliver b. 1832 and the Upwell Bossinghams descended from William Bossingham b. 1769

Imagine my delight when I moved to Upwell and discovered a whole family of Bossinghams had lived in the village. I have done a little bit of work on this, but have not found a connection to my part of the family.

Thanks to Alan Pett and Roy Bossingham for sending me information about their branches of the family. The information doesn't always match up and so I have have put both and perhaps we can sort this out later.

And now, a Royal Connection - take a look at the entry for Miriam Ellen Bossingham.

If you think you might like to be listed on this site then do contact me, Mike Bossingham, on my email address, You will need to send us a photograph and some information about yourself and if you wish your email address so that you can be contacted. There is no charge for this, after all you are a Bossingham.

We can, if you wish, set you up a email address and arrange to have the emails forwarded to your existing address. Do contact us if you are a Bossingham even if you don't want to be put on the web site. We would love to hear from you.

The Upwell Bossinghams

Name Parents Married To Children
William Bossingham
b 1760 @ Upwell, Norfolk
buried 8/6/1803
  Elizabeth Stevenson
b 1751 @ Upwell, Norfolk
Robert (bapt. 21/11/1793? 1795?)
Elizabeth (bapt 27/09/1795)
Ann (bapt. 26/9/1802,
buried 21/8/1803)
John Bossingham
b 24/7/1788 (bapt. 26/7/1788) @ Upwell, Norfolk
Shown as a labourer in 1851 census
Mumberry's Drove
Arrived in US on 13/8/1852 sailing from Liverpool
William and Elizabeth Stevenson Ann Oldfield (or Anne Olfield)
02/03/1809 @ Sutterland, Lincolnshire
bapt 26/1/1793
Mary Anne
John (bapt 11/9/1814 @ Holbeach, Lincolnshire)
John Oldfield
James (bapt. 23/4/1924 @ Upwell)
William Bossingham
(bapt. 20/12/1791)
Shown as a farmer
William and Elizabeth Stevenson Ann Hodson
William Hodson (bapt. 4/12/1819)
Mary (bapt. 9/2/1823)
James (bapt. 23/4/1824)
Ellen (bapt. 27/2/1825)
John (bapt 11/8/1828
buried 22/8/1828)
Benjamin Bossingham
(bapt. 12/7/1797)
Shown as a Tailor
Moved to Wisbech St Peter's and later to Walsoken
William and Elizabeth Stevenson Mary Watkinson
(buried 17/7/1855 Walsoken?)
William (bapt. 31/8/1817, buried 23/3/1818)
Mary (bapt. 26/11/1821)
James (bapt. 22/12/1823, buried 21/5/1832 at Walsoken)
Robert (bapt. 11/5/1834, buried 1/10/1843)
Caroline (bapt. 2/10/1836)
James Bossingham
b. 1800
(bapt. 23/2/1800)
d. 1888
William and Elizabeth Stevenson Alice Maplethorpe
b (1801) at Wigtoft.
John (b. 1831)
Elizabeth Bossingham
bapt. 25/6/1810 @ Kirton-in-Holland, Lincolnshire
Entered USA 13/5/1837 on the "Wolga"
Buried at Oregon Cemetery, Wisconsin
John and Ann Bossingham Richard South Matthew (bapt 19/4/1829 @ Gedney, Lincolnshire)
Carol (bapt 5/8/1933) @ Gedney, Lincolnshire)
Diana Elizabeth b. 1838 Onondega County, New York
William South b. 1839 in England
George H. b, 1843 in New York
Emanuel L. b. Sept 1850 in Dane County, Wisconsin.
Mary Anne Bossingham
b c1810 @ Fordham, Norfolk
bapt. 11/9/1812 @ Holbeach, Lincolnshire
d. 29/3/1843 @ Holbeach
John and Ann Bossingham    
William Bossingham
bapt 10/9/1812 @ Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire
Immigration 1836
d. 8/12/1903 Dane County, Wisconsin
Buried: Prairie Mound Cemetry, Oregon, Wisconsin
John and Ann Bossingham 1. Mary Ann Neil
b 1812, England
2. Anna Jane Kinney
b 14/3/1839 @ Newry Place, Ireland
1) Mary Ann b Kent or 1941 @ New York, m. James Starr
Sarah, m. James Pritchard
Jane, b 1842 @ Kent, m. John Pritchard
James b 1839

2) Ella b c1873 @ Wisconsin
Anna b 1974 @ Wisconsin
Arthur b c 1877 @ Wisconsin

Charlotte Bossingham
bapt 28/10/1816 @ Holbeach, Lincolnshire
6/8/1859 @ Salina, Onongaga, New York
John and Ann Bossingham John Redhead William Redhead b c1835 England
Lucy Bossingham
bapt 1819 @ Upwell Norfolk
1850: Salina, Onondaga NY
1860: Rutland, Dane, WI
John and Ann Bossingham ? Ellis Emma L b c1843 England
John b c1846 England
George b 1848 @ Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Edwin B b 1851 Wisconsin
Charlotte b c1854 Wisconsin
Hannah b c1858 Wisconsin
John Oldfield Bossingham
bapt 4/3/1821 @ Upwell, Norfolk
1880: Allin, McLean, IL
John and Ann Bossingham   James b 21/1/1848 @ Upwell
William Benjamin b 30/12/1849 @ Upwell
Hawley b 1850 Wisconsin
Benjamin Franklin b 14/2/1852 @ Milwaukee, WI
Sarah b 7/5/1857 @ Atlanta, IL
John H b 3/2/1862 @ Stanford, IL
Benjamin Bossingham
(bapt. 2/4/1819)
Surgeon's Machinist in Ruby St., Wisbech (1851 Census)
Benjamin and Mary Bossingham Elizabeth Charles Samuel (b. 30/5/1846, bapt. 30/5/1846)
Frederick Benjamin (b. 5/3/1848, bapt. 15/7/1855)
Harriet (b. 7/12/1852. bapt. 15/7/1855)
?Annie (bapt. 8/5/1864 - daughter of Benjamin and Ann Bossingham)
Ann Bossingham
(bapt. 23/1/1826)
Benjamin and Mary Bossingham Thomas Burrows
in Australia
Elizabeth Bossingham
(bapt. 22/4/1828)
Benjamin and Mary Bossingham James William Burrows
in Australia
James William Benjamin Bossingham Burrows b. 27/6/1953 @ Emerald Hill, Victoria, Australia
Frances Bossingham
(bapt. 31/5/1830)
Went to Australia
Benjamin and Mary Bossingham    
Esther Bossingham
(bapt. 13/5/1832)
(All 4 sisters travelled to Australia together)
Benjamin and Mary Bossingham John Kitchen
in Australia
William Bossingham
b. 1831, d. 1893
James and Alice Bossingham Jane Sykes Jane Hannah
Ruth Bossingham
b. 1838, d. 1882
James and Alice Bossingham John Maddison
John Bossingham
b 1840 @ Kent or 1838 in New York
If latter then living with Aunt
Elizabeth South
William and Mary Bossingham    
Benjamin Bossingham
b. May 1849 (bapt. 15/7/1855)
Appears to be a tailor and lived at 5 Ruby St. and later at Silver St.
Benjamin and Elizabeth Bossingham Esther Ada (bapt. 10/2/1876)
Nelly Grace (bapt. 18/11/1883)
Frederick Benjamin (bapt. 18/11/1883)
Ethel Ann (bapt. 18/11/1883)
Mabel Mary (bapt. 18/11/1883)
Arthur Leslie (bapt. 18/11/1883)
Dora Celia (bap. 23/7/1887)
William Christopher Leslie (bapt. 23/7/1887)
Miriam Ellen
John Edward (bapt. 16/6/1887 - Adult)
Jane Hannah Bossingham
b. 1858
William and Jane Bossingham John Maddison
Jane looked after her aunt Ruth and then married her widower.
John Wesley b.1885
Gertrude Annie b. 1888
Percy Wilfred
Maud Florence b. 1893
Miriam Ellen Bossingham
bapt. 16/6/1887 - Adult
d. 26/7/1928
Benjamin and Esther Bossingham Major George Montagu Lennox
b. 22/11/1874 d. 9/3/1922
Descended from King Charles II and
Louise Renée de Penancoët de Kérouaille
Percy Wilfred Maddison
b. 1891, d. 1955
John and Jane Maddison Annie Bush Neville
Neville Maddison
b. 1918, d. 1983
Percy and Annie Maddison Muriel Wells
b. 1926, d. 2000
John Keith
Alan Neville Jeffrey b. 1950
John Phillip b. 1951, d. 2006
Graham Andrew b. 1955
John Keith Maddison
b. 1948
Was adopted at birth as Alan Geoffrey Pett.
Neville and Muriel Maddison